Carpet Cleaning FAQ

What is so special about the American Hometown Services method of cleaning carpets?

  • American Hometown Services authorized training - the cleaning job is dependent upon a conscientious, trained cleaning technician. We use high powered truck mounted or portable equipment for maximum cleaning and minimum drying time.
  • American Hometown Services cleaning solutions - environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that will leave your carpets cleaner and healthier.

Can some carpet cleaning methods actually hurt my carpets?

The cleaning technician doing the work is always the key to safe effective cleaning of carpets. Dry powder cleaning methods can use harsh chemical solvents mixed with ground up corn cob that can build up in your carpet causing excessive wear. Carbonated Chemical Dry Cleaning (Spin-Bonnet) uses an abrasive spinning pad which when misused, can cause your carpets to untwist and pull apart at the seams. There is no physical vacuum extraction so much of the chemical can be left in your carpeting.

Does American Hometown Services use excessive amounts of chemical to clean my carpet?

The American Hometown Services method depends primarily upon natural hot water and vacuum extraction to clean the carpet. This eliminates the need for massive amounts of chemicals, solvents, and carbonation used in some other methods. The AHS method leaves the least amount of chemical and soil residues so there is no threat of premature wear, airborne contamination, or rapid re-soiling.

Will my carpets stay cleaner longer after it is cleaned?

Unlike some other cleaning methods which can actually leave behind soil attracting residues, the American Hometown Services method of cleaning carpets will make your carpets look, smell, and feel better longer than factory fresh carpets. AHS method of cleaning will actually extend the life of your carpet and contribute to a cleaner and healthier indoor environment for your family.
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